A new life at work, the IKEA way

The newly rebuilt office aims to recreate the office into an inspiring and flexi-working space for co-workers.

Workspaces that bring out the best in people

The new and remodeled IKEA meeting and working spaces are relevant, functional and inspirational. We hope to bring out the best in people, inspiring creativity and supporting healthy ways of working. The layout will help us be more productive, improve our business and get better results as we work together, and of course portray our brand values.

Adapting to change

The world is changing and we need to adapt to the new situation. We like to do things differently because creativity is in our DNA. Work environments have a direct impact on mindsets and behaviours, shaping our ways of working by changing the spaces in which we work.

A workspace that makes life at work better

Rather than thinking in terms of departments, our offices will offer solutions for various work activities — spaces for concentration, for group work and for reflection. We are at our best and our most productive when our meeting and working spaces let us work in different and changing ways, digitally and physically, together and alone.

Our new layout makes full use of precious space while ensuring co-workers are socially distanced.


Pick any desk you like and start working. There is no “my desk” or “your desk.” Flexi areas create opportunities to connect casually with each other within and between teams.

Sit or stand?

Choose the way you want to work by simply adjusting the height of the desk. Changing positions throughout the work day can support overall health and wellbeing.

Quiet homes

Working together is essential at IKEA, but people also need space to work alone, escape, or focus on a specific task and concentrate.

Meeting rooms

Flexible spaces to meet and brainstorm – green open spaces for a change of the normal work desk environment, closed discussion rooms for confidential meetings with choice of conference setting or soft-seating, small meeting pods for quick virtual meetings and catch ups.

Swedish Steps

Townhall? Quick catch-up? Five-minute chat? Or just a need to stretch your legs? We created a space that is flexible for any need. We call it the Swedish Steps.

Add cushions for comfort or store them in drawers under the steps.


The pantry is not just a space for refuelling. It’s also a space for relaxing breaks. Have lunch, coffee, some snacks or fruits. Heat up or bake your lunch right here in the pantry.

Recycle, print and stationeries corner

Keeping everything organised makes it easy for anyone to find what they need. With hot desking as a new way of working, having individual pigeonhole mailboxes allow users to receive mail and messages even when they are not in the office.

Mother care room

Motherhood continues in any location. While working in the office, breastfeeding moms need a private room for nursing needs. A mini fridge inside the room caters to separate storage needs. Someone in there? Switch on the lights to “chope” (reserve) the room — it’s easy to tell when the room is occupied without invading privacy.

Changing room

For those who love a great workout before or after work, there’s a space to store exercise gear away while you work.


Ideas can come from anywhere. Feel calm and inspired with the right lighting and colours.

For hygienic and practical purposes, taps come with a sensor so you can turn it on or off without touching it.